Hello! My name is Brandon (ThirtyVirus) Calabrese and I am a YouTuber, Game Developer, and Minecraft Server Owner. This website serves as a hub for my subscribers. Enjoy!


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The Hypixel SkyBlock subforum harbors a VERY vocal & toxic echo chamber of bitter, jealous, & nasty people.

They will lie, accuse, threaten, & defame. They do minimal research, are never objective, & instigate. They cry innocence & play the victim when confronted or challenged

Imagine being called an idea thief because a similar idea to yours was posted a few months prior by someone else and you didn't see it..... and because some idiot claimed that you steal titles from YouTubers that you don't even watch.

guys help my blood is boiling

People call me rude for forgetting birthdays but the reality is that I don't use Facebook. Buncha liars don't know either they just get a notification 😠

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