Hello! My name is Brandon (ThirtyVirus) Calabrese and I am a YouTuber, Game Developer, and Minecraft Server Owner. This website serves as a hub for my subscribers. Enjoy!

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Just went through a personal growth situation. A lot of people will call it bad, but I can't help but feel happy. I finally released some 2 year old emotional baggage. Please don't ask, it is possible that my full feelings haven't shown themselves yet. Don't want to concern ppl

Hey guys, I did a thing. 156 solo BedWars wins in one day. I have an actual world record now wooooo

Minecraft- Survival Island [Funny Moments] 13: https://t.co/0xNsFI4t1n via @YouTube

Why pokemon would not make a great text adventure game 😂

Wooooo my Patreon page isn't considered NSFW anymore. Not sure what glitch caused it in the first place, whatevs lol

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