Hello! My name is Brandon (ThirtyVirus) Calabrese and I am a YouTuber, Game Developer, and Minecraft Server Owner. This website serves as a hub for my subscribers. Enjoy!

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You know, I already was under the belief that C is an abomination and I don't want to poke it with a 100 yard stick..... But add the curses library and multi-threading and I wanna friggan die. I cannot wait for this semester to end so I can NEVER do this again 🙁

Just got Twitch affiliate within my first month of actually trying! Look out YouTube, your bad treatment of content creators is going to cost you a lot in super chat money (which shouldn't even be yours to begin with)

Antonee has a funny way of.... well I can't call it speaking. Expressing distress, maybe?

My Plans for College Graduation: https://t.co/Jrvmf1qOz1 via @YouTube

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