My Story

Hello! My name is Brandon Calabrese and I am an undergraduate Computer Science Student (Junior) at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). I am a Game Developer, YouTube Content Creator, and the founder of ButtonPress Studios LLC. For more info on my career experience and accomplishments, check out my portfolio. This page is meant as a history of how I became who I am today.

My First YouTube Video

 I started YouTube back on February 2nd, 2010 with nothing but an Acer Aspire 5515 laptop, Fraps, and a copy of Gmod. In the game I had designed a firework that the user can ride, and demonstrated it in my first ever YouTube video:

The First Video of Many

This video was the first of many, thousands actually. Along the way I’ve met some awesome people, and I’ve reached great heights! I couldn’t have done it without you guys: the subscribers, the people that gave my small channel a chance at success even though it wasn’t the most popular. Thank you. 

The start of ButtonPress Studios LLC

I wanted to make my own games since I started playing Minecraft in 2010, but it took years to finally get the ball rolling. The tipping point was in October of 2014 when I started learning Visual Basic in school. I finally had formed a foundation in object-oriented programming while developing the RPGamesEngine, and from that point on, the sky was the limit!

Since then I have been very ambitious, moving on to develop countless games, 3 websites, a dozen Minecraft plugins, and even my very own software development company: ButtonPress Studios LLC. I plan to make games for a living through this company, and move on to change the world someday.

The Birth of SubioCraft

As my YouTube channel grew, so did the amount of subscribers that wanted to play minecraft with me. Of course, I could not do that; there were simply too many requests. That got me thinking, how hard can it be to host my own Minecraft server? 
(The answer is REALLY DIFFICULT!!!)

That is what I did back in August of 2013, with a staff consisting of only me and my friend Glen. It tooks years to perfect, but SubioCraft has grown into what we know today thanks to some good friends, endless plugin configuring, and a lot of coding. As busy as I am, I still try to make time to pop on the server every now and then to say hi to you guys and maintain things.