Welcome to my Portfolio! My name is Brandon (ThirtyVirus) Calabrese and I am a student at RIT pursuing GAMDEV-BS. Everything below is clickable, and should give you a good look at what I have done in the past as well as what I plan on doing in the future. Everything is made by me, and I hope you like what you see!


The RPGames Engine is a 2D Role Playing Game (RPG) making tool that aims to allow anyone to turn their ideas into fully playable games, regardless of experience. The simple User Interface and extensive functionality provides a no-fret, multi-platform game dev experience. I’m the sole developer. Try it for windows here (no install needed, just unzip file)

Silver Echo

They can see you, but you cannot see them! In this stealth action game you must use your trusty pinging device to sight out your attackers before they get you! I was a programmer, animator, and played a big part in the core design and the idea for the ping mechanic. This project was made in a day during Global Game Jam 2017 at the RIT location.

Steal The Chest

Steal the chest is a fun little project I put together in 10 hours during the Games++ Game Jam at Steven’s Institute of Technology. The game is a play on the old Mario platformers, but with a twist! To win, you must complete the level, steal the treasure chest at the end, and bring it back home! I’m the sole developer.

ShulkerBox BackPacks

This is a 4 hour project of mine that I made for fun. It is a plugin that modifies Minecraft Multiplayer (Spigot) servers to allow players to open Shulker Boxes while they are in the player’s hand, instead of  needing to place them down first. The plugin has over 300 downloads on SpigotMC!

This is my personal website. I use it to network myself and display my work. I show off my YouTube and Twitch channels, my merch, downloads for plugins / games I’ve made, and my social medias.

This is the site for my Minecraft server network. Hundreds of players collaborate in a multiplayer landscape in the survival and skyblock gamemodes. It also has a web store!

This site is for my game dev startup: ButtonPress Studios LLC. The company aims to put together new developers worldwide to collaborate on projects! This is my career goal once I graduate.

My YouTube Career

Since 2010, I’ve uploaded almost 3,000 videos to my YouTube channel. As of writing this, I’ve achieved ~50,000 subscribers and ~13 Million views. I post gaming related content including Let’s Plays, Tutorials, showcases (programming and otherwise), and anything else that I find interesting!

PC Building / Repair

What kind of gaming nerd am I without building my own PC? This video is the first of a 3 part series on my YouTube channel of me and my friends building my current gaming rig. I also interned at a local business (The Computer Guy) for several summers and repaired phones, desktops, laptops, etc…

The Uber Items Project

This is the largest Minecraft Plugin project I have made yet, and the aim is to add powerful and fun items into Minecraft. Below are embedded Tweets of mine regarding the development process. I am hoping that I release this plugin to the SubioCraft server network sometime in early 2019.

Non - Gaming Stuff

Eagle Scout

For over 8 years I have been active in scouting, and after learning countless skills and gathering a bunch of badges, I got Eagle in late 2016!

CTEC Academics

I was the top in the programming department at Orange Ulster BOCES (CTEC). I received the Outstanding Program Award and CTEC Scholar Award ~2016

Black Belt

After years of work, I’ve achieved the rank of Black Belt in Taekwondo, at at a dojo in Warwick NY called UMAC. My face looks funny b/c that was taken 5 hours into graduation.

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