Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your name ThirtyVirus?

My name was randomly generated when I created my Microsoft Xbox LIVE account on the Xbox 360 back in 2009. I made a video about it here.

What are your Computer Specs?

All you will need to know is here. This link lists all hardware I use to make videos, including my PC parts.

Where do you stream?

I stream primarily on YouTube, and also provide LIVE mirrors to Twitch, Mixer, and DLive!

Where can I download __________?

The downloads tab………


How long have you been on YouTube?

I posted my First YouTube Video on November 2nd, 2010. I went on to post regularly in February 2012 with Survival Island S1.

When is ______ video coming out?

You can check out my Upload Schedule here. You can also use this page to get to the playlist link for a given series, so you never miss an episode!

Where can I contact you?

Preferably DM me on discord, my ID is ThirtyVirus#7305. You may also Tweet Me or (if you really have to) Email Me.